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Yes, we know November doesn’t sound so inspiring as August! With all those cold winter days getting so close, it becomes quite difficult to leave your cozy little nest :)

We’ve picked 5 events that will hopefully get you out of the house, inspire you and maybe even warm you up a little bit. Whether you believe there’s life lessons that school won’t teach you, or you just want to know more about human emotions and new technology, we've selected some interesting and inspiring options just for you.

Hope you enjoy it! :)

P.S. If you think you've got a great a idea for an events list then let us know. We're always open to suggestion :)

Stuff Berlin

Incitiment Berlin - What School Doesn't Teach Us

1 November at Impact Hub Berlin

Join various speakers who will share their perspectives and stories on the topic 'What School Doesn't Teach Us'. They will raise thoughts and awareness about what lessons and skills are so important in life, and whether they are coming from the classroom.

The aim is not complaining about it, but look at it through the lense of opportunity and possibility, and whether some of those lessons/skills can be brought into schools, and who/which organizations already accomplish this.

Price: 5€ (includes 1 free drink!)

Check out the fb event for more details.

Stuff Berlin

STATE Festival 2016

3 - 5 November (at various locations)

Join the excellent STATE Experience Science Festival for a celebration of scientific ideas and creativity.

The festival creates a meeting ground for science, art and the public, where scientific inquiry meets artistic expression. The festival takes its visitors to a parallel universe to explore and challenge the boundaries between science and art.

Price: 45€

Check out the fb event for more details.

Stuff Berlin

TEDx Berlin Salon "Leading in the Digital Age"

8 November at BCC - Berliner Congress Center

Disruptive technologies, global interconnectedness, big data, exponential change - these are major trends of the Digital Age. They change the very fabric of our societies and our economies – and they change the way we lead: Thanks to digital technology and social media everybody can now be a leader. Hierarchies become flatter, formal leaders are more exposed. But not only that: In the future, we will also lead smart algorithms and artificial intelligence units.

How can we build and lead organizations fit for the Digital Age? And how can we make sure they are places for people to thrive?

Tickets: 159€

Check out the fb event for more details.

Stuff Berlin

Coffee Talks with TEDGLOBAL Curation Assistant Katerina Biliouri

1 November at Factory Berlin

Coffee Talks are a series of monthly morning fireside chats with creative entrepreneurs, where you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee at Factory Kitchen and get your daily dose of inspiration :)

Head along to the fifth edition of Coffee Talks, where you'll be joined by Katerina Biliouri, the TED Global Curation Assistant. Katerina will discuss her personal experience working with TED and how startups can leverage the same tools of the trade to connect with customers and investors.

Check out the fb event for more details.

Stuff Berlin

Conscious Touch - Tantra Workshop Berlin

4 November at Praxis Spiegelherz

How often do you touch yourself? How often do you touch your partner? Would you like to learn the secrets of a mindblowing orgasmic whole body healing touch? Would you like to explore it with yourself and your partner(-to-be)?

This is a flow workshop where the focus is to play with a conscious touch - a touch you have never experienced before. The workshop is for couples and singles.

Online: €20 + fees
At the door: €30
Come with a friend and recieve a €5 discount.

Check out the fb event for more details.

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