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There’s no shortage of events here in Berlin. With so many things to do and places to go, it can be hard to make a decision.

We decided to help out, and came up with a list to make your life just a little bit easier. This month, we picked the 10 most interesting and quirky events in Berlin: From a Zombie Walk, to the World’s biggest eye contact experiment, we've selected a handful of things that'll at least make you smile :)


Stuff Berlin

Zombie Walk

29 October at (will be announced 2 days before event)

The Berliner Zombiewalk will take place for the 8th time.

Dressed up as Zombies, everyone will meet at the given meeting area and walk through Berlin's inner city. Not only is this already amazing, but during the walk a previously rehearsed dance will take place at certain spots!

All are welcome for the walk, but if you wish to participate in the flashmob dance, then you need to attend a training session. We've been informed that the dance will be easy enough for all levels of coordination, so don’t be scared to take part :)

The training sessions are on 9th, 16th and 23rd of October and the info is posted as a separate event.

Check out the fb event for more details.

Stuff Berlin

The World's Biggest Eye Contact Experiment

29 October at SPIRIT BERLIN

Take part in this experiment and share eye contact with strangers!
The concept is simple: you sit in front of a person (whom you often don't even know) and simply look that person in their eyes. That's all.

Last year over 100,000 people from over 156 different cities were involved.

Check out the fb event for more details.

Stuff Berlin

Dirty Talk skills from a professional

31 October at Other Nature alternativer Sexladen

This super fun workshop is for people who want to be inspired to use dirty talk to give and get the sex they want. Learn how to use dirty talk to negotiate and keep a hot moment living, get more intimate, uncover previously withheld fantasies...
Learn effective techniques for starting a play session with a new partner and much more.

Participants will workshop how to sound authentic and find their genuine voice(s!).
Let go of inhibition and help your deepest desires find their voice.

Language: English
Cost: 25€ (20€ limited income)

Check out the fb event for more details.

Stuff Berlin

A Psychedelic Conference

22 October at Topics Berlin

LSD, DMT, Psilohuasca, Psilocybin.
Darkness, Isolation, Hysteria, Ecstacy.
Anger, Fear, Lust, Madness.

Each of these substances, experiences, and states can dramatically alter the way we experience the world. Head along to the Altered Conference to discuss how, and why, this matters.

Check out the fb event for more details.

Stuff Berlin

Soul Train Thursdays

27 October at The Hole

Every Thursday you can join the groove for “Soul Train Thursdays”. Dance to the sound of music from the glory days and take part in this physical extravangaza :)

Let the train move you!

Check out the fb event for more details.

Stuff Berlin

Party JUMP in Berlin

17 October at Jump XL

The Trampoline park in Berlin will be celebrating its one year anniversary and would like to jump with you!

Bring out your inner child and bounce around at this amazing venue!

Check out the fb event for more details.

Stuff Berlin

Roller Disko

17 October at SO36

Every 3rd Monday SO36 throw back to the old-school with a rollerskate disco! Whether you're a seasoned pro or just a beginner, you'll get to groove along to some nice Funk, Hip-Hop and Roller-Boogie music.

Every night starts with a beginner's lesson.
Entrance: 5€ (course included)
Skate rental: 3€ p/hour

Check out the fb event for more details.

Stuff Berlin

Porn Film Festival

27 October - 30 October at SPEKTRUM art_technology_community (and more places)

The Porn Film Festival Berlin is an alternative, independent film festival that focuses on sexuality, politics, feminism and gender issues, and is the only festival of its kind in Germany.

The film festival is framed by panel discussions, lectures, readings, workshops, performances, exhibitions and many conversations and presentations on the subject of sexuality today.

Films and performances: 7 €
Lectures and panel discussion: Free

Check out the fb event for more details.

Stuff Berlin

Blow job skills from a professional

1 November at Other Nature alternativer Sexladen

Learn to position your mind, body, lips and tongue to deliver and elevate the blow job to a high art.

Some cliches are cliches for a reason: blow jobs are hot, hot, hot. If you agree, then this workshop is for you. If not, then this workshop is definitely for you!

Whether you feel you’ve never quite tapped your potential or are a regular at satisfying this thirst, come join them for a lively tutorial on the wonderful world of sucking all types of dicks (big/small, silicone/flesh, hard/limp, etc!)

Learn anatomy and commonly missed techniques, and inspire your creativity. We’ll discuss what to do with your hands, how to incorporate your own pleasure (of course!) and key phrases for negotiating the best blow by blow experience of their life and yours. Critically identify and shatter any hidden inhibitions, and unleash this Pandora’s box of pleasures.

People of all genders are welcome to come explore revelling in giving and receiving an elevated art of the blow job.

Check out the fb event for more details.

Stuff Berlin

Berlin Burlesque Festival

20 - 23 October at different locations

Berlin celebrates the icons of burlesque art for the 4th time at the Berlin Burlesque Festival, where artists from all over the world travel to Germany to honor the German public.

Enjoy the show!

Check out the fb event for more details.

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